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Zeus Crypto

As part of the Zeus ecosystem, we are soon launching Zeus Crypto - a simple and convenient crypto to crypto exchange that enables you to convert your crypto assets at a favorable rate with minimal costs. Its user-friendly interface and process allows the client to control the exchange process.

Zeus Crypto facilitates conversion operations that exchanges crypto-assets for another crypto-asset at market rates, with a transparent mechanism of exchange rate formation. If you are not pleased with the exchange rate, you can cancel the conversion.

Through its interface Zeus Crypto keeps communicating with you throughout the process of exchange. The fully automated system instantly determines the exchange price available in the markets and calculates the exchange rate taking into account all possible expenses. If during the transaction, the rate has changed significantly or you change your mind, you can cancel the exchange operation and get your money back. Otherwise, the exchange is completed automatically.

The conversion service, Zeus Crypto, does not store your crypto assets, does not request your private keys, securely protects the data you enter and carries out safe and fast exchange operations with a minimum fixed fee.


Zeus Crypto Exchange

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What we do

Zeus Exchange is a real-time hybrid trading platform Zeus Exchange, that would allow investors to invest in digital assets and conventional financial instruments at a single place and at a low cost. Our vision is to leverage the traditional means of investment with the power of blockchain to allow our clientele to trade conventional financial and digital assets in a legal and transparent manner.

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