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Every week Zeus Exchange shares the latest news in the tokenized assets industry, with our comments and thoughts on why it’s important to us, and its users. Heres what’s been going on in the past week:

Article: No One Is Buying Your Real Estate Token

A great article, arguing the validity of real estate token offerings at this particular stage of market development.

It's the same argument that is being used in our experience, when an investor is asking what types of securities a platform wants to offer. Or when a potential client is asking if real estate token types will be available, or when companies issuing tokens based on real estate are asking if they can list a token on the exchange. It doesn't stand a scrutiny of a product fit.

We'd go even further, and suggest, that only a few STOs (as in initial offerings of startups) can stand it at the moment.

We see the early stages of the market development would rather be achieved with tokenized securities of public & private companies (pre-IPO stage), indices, futures and ETFs, to pave the way to more sophisticated and less liquid offerings.


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