Tokenization News: The London Stock Exchange Conducts World’s First Security Token Offering on the Blockchain

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Every week Zeus Exchange shares the latest news in the tokenized assets industry, with our comments and thoughts on why it’s important to us, and its users. Heres what’s been going on in the past week.

The London Stock Exchange has announced that it will grant permission to issue its first Security Token Offering, also known as a STO. The firm that has been allowed to conduct the STO is 20|30, a venture studio that uses blockchain technology for its innovative services and products. The tokens will be recorded on the blockchain and will be administered decentrally. The use of blockchain tokens will help increase the efficiency and efficacy of exchanges and trades conducted in the London Stock Exchange.

London Stock Exchange Group participated in the test issuance by sending settlement instructions to a public blockchain via 20|30's platform. The test therefore showed the connectivity between a regulated trading platform, and a public blockchain infrastructure.

This news has caused a lot of excitement within the cryptocurrency community, as we will see the application of blockchain technology used by one of the oldest and largest Stock Exchanges in the world! While the tokenized security is only available for institutional investors now, it will be soon be made available to retail investors.

"Blockchain in the future may allow for much easier money operations, investments, settlements, and clearing between different counter-parties – especially between different countries" - Olga Duka

Zeus Exchange is working towards stock tokenization, and we appreciate a strategic contribution towards market development, and look forward to seeing a strong and competitive marketplace that produces better services for the end customer. News like this will help pave the way for everyone in the blockchain industry, and we can't wait for whats to come!


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