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Every week Zeus Exchange shares the latest news in the tokenized assets industry, with our comments and thoughts on why it’s important to us, and its users. Heres what’s been going on in the past week:

Link to article: https://techcrunch.com/2019/05/10/these-startups-may-smooth-startups-path-to-the-public-market-if-they-dont-kill-each-other-first/

The Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) is an intriguing endeavour, that empowers founders and employees to build a forward-thinking company that is not afraid to experiment and is not anchored to deliver profitable quarter reports for the benefit of market quotes. That’s a noticeable divergence from (many) companies that seek to list private companies and solve the investors' liquidity problem.

What are the possible outcomes:

  • Bring more rights and opportunities to the founders, who see their equity shrink drastically the bigger the investment check gets;
  • Bring more rights and opportunities to the employees, reward their contribution to company long-term growth, encourage innovation and responsibility for the business; that’s what Eric Ries calls “career equity”;
  • Bring bigger voting power to those investors who hold equity longer;
  • Empower companies that evolve and experiment to achieve a longer vision, instead of being a hostage to a stock quote

And the most interesting potential consequence is that this exchange may spur the next generation of companies and organizations with a long R&D cycle.

Just imagine investing in the Large Hadron Collider stocks at LTSE in the future.


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