Zeus Exchange Weekly News & Developments: July 27

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Keep up to date with our weekly news and updates from Zeus Exchange and it's community! Here is what's been going on in the last week:

  • Today we are sharing details about Zeus Crypto which is preparing for beta-testing!
  • Beta-testing will start in 1 month. Sign up if you want to be the first to see Zeus Crypto, and help us get better - just drop us a line at beta@zeus.exchange!
  • Once the beta-testing is over, we will launch Alpha Zeus Crypto - with BTC/XEM and BTC/XLM. We will be adding more cryptocurrencies later. Crypto-to-crypto would be simple, fast and with no registration (*In the current regulatory environment; this part is a subject to change for the market, our company included*)
  • We will add fiat gateway for Beta Zeus Crypto. That would require registration and user verification procedure. Our fiat payment partner is Epay;
  • And finally we will be adding digital assets of certain types (merchant-type assets, non-security by nature) and connecting Zeus Crypto to delivery and merchant platforms. Want to know how you can actually buy something tangible for crypto, and get it delivered to another part of the planet? Stay tuned! We are working on it already.
  • We’ve partnered with Epay, which is a fiat payment gateway already working with exchanges like Bitfinex and CobinHood. Epay provides convenient and flexible payment solution.
  • Learn, how we combine financial and crypto expertise to create a true bridge between the markets with the hybrid trading platform Zeus Exchange: https://info.zeus.exchange/crypto-zeus-blog/different-structure-of-cryptocurrency-markets


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What we do

Zeus Exchange is a real-time hybrid trading platform Zeus Exchange, that would allow investors to invest in digital assets and conventional financial instruments at a single place and at a low cost. Our vision is to leverage the traditional means of investment with the power of blockchain to allow our clientele to trade conventional financial and digital assets in a legal and transparent manner.

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