Zeus Exchange Weekly News & Developments: November 2

Weekly News


Keep up to date with our weekly news and updates from Zeus Exchange and it's community! Here is what's been going on in the last week:

  • We've been invited to speak at Horasis on 6-9 April 2019 in Portugal!
  • We're happy and proud to announce that we have partnered with Blackmoon! Go check them out!
  • Zeus Crypto now features ETH, BTC, and XEM! Try it today!
  • We have also added a referral feature:
    • We have added a 0.25% commission split for the NEM community: bring a friend, ask him to input your wallet to the "Agent" field, and get the Agent's fee split in XEM to your wallet right away. Tell us what you think, and if you want this feature to survive: beta@zeus.exchange!
  • Transactions limit for the beta testing is $50 equivalent, and commissions are on for a proper check of the functionality.


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Zeus Exchange is a real-time hybrid trading platform Zeus Exchange, that would allow investors to invest in digital assets and conventional financial instruments at a single place and at a low cost. Our vision is to leverage the traditional means of investment with the power of blockchain to allow our clientele to trade conventional financial and digital assets in a legal and transparent manner.

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